About Us

Skullpixie started out as a retailer for super cool skull stuff, with a feminine flare.

However, we are going through a major shift in philosophy...

we have become seriously concerned with humanity's over-consumption as well as the materials used in the manufacturing of most of the products available in the world today.

We believe that you have to put your money where your mouth is, and as such, we are taking the plunge and we will no longer be selling gobs of merchandise made in far-off places with who-knows-what in it!

Please stay tuned, as Skullpixie undergoes its metamorphosis.

We don't know what we will morph into....but whatever it is...it's going to be better for you, better for women, better for the planet.


Thank you for your continued support in our desire to better ourselves.

Skullpixie :)

Unleash the goddess within!