About Us

Like skull stuff?

We LOVE skull stuff!

Skull culture has grown from what it used to be back in the day.

Back then, the only way for a girl to find anything skull, was to walk into a biker shop or a smoke shop in the seedy part of town.

There was nothing out there for girls....nothing.

Those of us who flew in the face of "preppie", found a way to claim the look of skulls for ourselves.  

We sewed our own clothes, we made our own jewelry, we learned to silk-screen and we learned to weld! 

We helped claim the skull for women and girls.  We brought skulls from the biker shops to the forefront of fashion and trend.

Here at skullpixie, we know that we are no longer simply a few....we are now an enormous group of cool, strong, feminine women with much to choose from.

Some of the hardcore ladies still get ticked-off when the skulls show up on runways or a Cosmo magazine, thinking that "trendy" is a bad word.

But our philosophy is that the skull is a symbol of strength, and who stronger than women?  

We are the daughters, the wives, the mothers, the caregivers.  We have been the glue, the strength, the longevity of society since the beginning of time.

At the deepest levels, skullpixie's commitment is to the equality of the sexes, and as such, women deserve to express their strength. Whether it is in hard core plugs & ink, or super trendy pastels, skulls are a symbol of strength, and all women, should wear their strength like a badge of honor.


Here at skullpixie, we take our love of skulls and strength, and our pride in the feminine, to heart...

we spend all of our time scavenging and scouring....so you don't have to!

We have connected with zillions of suppliers worldwide (well, almost zillions) .

Skullpixie is proud to find you an impressive array of the coolest, cutest, feminine skull stuff out there...and we are always finding more!

You will find everything from the exquisite to the eccentric, from the trendy to the always badass!




show your colors...show your style...SHOW YOUR STRENGTH


unleash the goddess within!