Skull Makeup Brush Set

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What a necessity!

Absolutely amazing Skull Makeup Brush Set!

Fantastic set of 12 brushes includes:

- powder brush

- blush & highlight brush

- contouring / foundation brush

- blending brush

- wide shading brush

- small blending brush

- large eye shadow brush

- small eye shadow brush

- angled brow brush

- lip brush

- fine tip eyeliner brush

- fan brush


Midnight black handles are beautifully accented by metallic gold skulls and crossbones, polka-dotted over each entire handle.

Metal ferrule between the handles and the bristles are the same, sexy gold.

Antibacterial synthetic bristles are 100% hygienic, and easy to keep clean.

Comfortable handle lengths and superior ergonomics make these brushes the true artists' choice!

Easy to control and manipulate, they make the whole make-up process a breeze

Look fabulous...

from start to finish!

Item: Makeup Brush Set
Brush Material: Nylon
Set: 12 pcs
Material: Synthetic Hair
Handle: Plastic
Color: Black with Gold Skulls